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About Us

Hot Boat Database was created to collect and organize as much information about the world of hot boats as possible. We are particularly focused on small runabout-class boats such as hydros, flatbottoms, and jets, both for personal and race use. Almost all available information about boats has never been gathered, organized and archived in a way that allows you to easily search or to cross-reference it. Too often, we must rely on the memories of people who were there at the time, and unfortunately many of those memories are going missing.

Unlike cars, which were build by a relatively small number of well-documented manufacturers, boat building has by and large been a boutique business, with production runs not in the thousands or even hundreds, but often in the dozens or less. It is no surprise, then, that information and records about them are slim, existing mainly in an oral history. Hot Boat Database is an attempt to capture the information from this oral history and preserve it for the ages.

In order to do this, Hot Boat Database operates similarly to a more structured Wikipedia. Anybody who wishes to sign up for the site may then add and edit the information on the site. Unlike Wikipedia, we use a structured format, with different kinds of pages (known as "nodes" in the content management system) for different kinds of content. Boats are stored as boats, people as people, manufacturers as manufacturers. What Hot Boat Database allows you to do is easily create links between all these pieces of information, and tie new pieces of information into a cohesive whole.

The vision for Hot Boat Database is to catalog every hot boat, including its builders, drivers, manufacturer, chain of ownership, records held, from the day it is built to the day it is lost. We believe that this is something that can be done, at least for the boats that people have loved. We want to be both the ultimate historical resource and the premiere showplace of what is currently happening in the world for the hobby of hot boats.

Welcome aboard!

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