Yank Me, Krank Me

Nacimiento Lake, Late 70s/Early 80s
Boat in background
Close up shot of engine.
Yank Me, Krank Me
Yank Me, Krank Me
Tim McCutcheon
Jon Sibbach
Rob Barber

Yank Me, Krank Me was owned by Rob Barber, and built and rigged by Tim McCutcheon and Fender. It was originally run as a blown gas hydro, but the rear end wanted to pass the front end after about 150mph. It was then sold in favor of a Mr. Ed hydro, and put into service as ski boat. It was used for many years in the 70s and early 80s. It was put into storage in the mid-late 80s, where it was vandalized and many parts stolen. The engine was allowed to fill with water and rust out. The current whereabouts of the hull are unknown, although there is evidence that it is being raced by Bob Cleary.