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Title Description Last Updated
008 Chest-Nut

Driven by Tommie Robins in the Blown Gas Flat class at the NDBA's 1973 Drag Boat Grand Prix at Long Beach Marine Stadium on September 29th and 30th. It was a Hondo hull with a 400 Chrysler engine.

2014-06-03 16:47
006 Hot Damn Hondo

Driven by Mike Brendel in the Ski Comp class at the NDBA's 1973 Drag Boat Grand Prix at Long Beach Marine Stadium on September 29th and 30th. It was a Hondo hull with a 426 Landy engine.

2014-06-03 16:45
002 First Gear

Driven by Dottie Pinell in the Ski Modified class at the NDBA's 1973 Drag Boat Grand Prix at Long Beach Marine Stadium on September 29th and 30th. It was a DiMarco hull with a 560 Chevy engine.

2014-06-03 16:22
Shiver Shot Shiver Shot

Taken from:

2014-05-30 09:31
K-69 Freedom Lance hopping K-69 at Burley ID 1

No details known, please add if you recognize this boat!

2014-05-14 18:35
K-90 Dark Side of the Moon K-90 Dark Side of the Moon

Driver: Bob Long
Owners: Bill Moore & Val Wheeler
Crew Chief: Ron Papp
Hull: by Biesemeyer
Engine: Val Wheeler
Installation: Biesemeyer
Crew: Tom Warren, Dixie Moore, Carol Wheeler

Sponsors: Casale Engineering, Zan-Mor Packaging, National Crankshaft, Nelson Dunn Lutzoff Auto, Lifeline, Rocket Racing, SoCal Racing Fuel, Dooley Oil Pans, Anaheim Balance, Pennzoil, Champion Plugs, Speed Pro Piston Rings, Mile's Union Oil & Marine.

Achievements: 1977 - US-1
1977, 1978, 1979 - High Point Champion

Member of the K-Boat Racing Association

2014-05-14 18:25
Super Cinders Super Cinders 1970 Nordskog advertisement

80-K Super Cinders is an all wood 24 ft. Patterson race boat built by Bob Patterson and originally driven by Bob as well. The co-driver was Dwight Moody. It competed in the APBA K class. It is powered by a 1710 cu. in. 12 cylinder Allison. It is currently owned and driven by Mike Leach.

2014-05-14 17:10
Unknown 1978 Stoller Flatbottom Unknown 1978 Stoller Flatbottom

1978 Stoller Flat. For sale as of May 2014.

2014-05-13 13:35
Climax Climax article 1 Hot Boat Jun 67

Climax was a Sanger shovel-nose hydroplane that competed in BGH competition in the mid 1960s. It was powered by a Keith Black Hemi through a Casale v-drive to a Stellings propeller.

2014-05-13 09:23
410 Unfair Advantage 410 Unfair Advantage

It belonged to a frined of mine and he raced it in the 105-115 class (around there) in early 90's with a 468 tunnel ram and carbs. Gary Taylor bought the boat and ran it with a blown gas motor for quite a while after that. Jeff Iverson has some video of him racing Gary. I think it ran low 8s in the 120 mph range.

2014-05-13 08:34
Sun Kiss Sun Kiss

This boat was owned by a single person from 1971 to 2001- 30 years and one week. It has always has had a nailhead in it, the owner started out with a 322 / 364 / 401 and finally a 425. He used it a lot at Puddingstone Reservoir and people told him it was a racing Mandella. It originally had a parallel box in it but the owner swapped it to a Casale toploader because the U-joints would burn up. The current engine is a 425 nailhead that he took out of a totaled Riviera. The boat was sold in 2001 and went through several owners that let it sit in the sun in Las Vegas, which ruined the finish.

2014-05-12 09:10
65 Tinkertoy 65 Tinkertoy

Weighs 2300 pounds, powered by a Ford FE motor. Has a 10 degree strut angle.

2014-05-01 16:43
239 Badlands 239 Badlands 2014-04-28 16:28
Miss Superglide Miss Superglide

Miss Superglide is a former drag racer from the 60s. It is now owned by Spike Morelli.

2014-04-28 15:56
Sicilian Bandit Sicilian Bandit

The Sicilian Bandit is a hemi-powered shovelnose hydro.

2014-04-28 15:52
Taylor Maid Taylor Maid

This boat was brought to Arizona from Missouri by Art Anderson. Art stripped the boat, and installed new stringers and front sub-floor, a new stainless steel strut, a new Casale V-drive, a built T400 transmission, a 454 Chevy, and a new rail system. He traded it to Jon Sibbach who brought it to Atascadero, CA, who installed new wiring and plumbing and finished the boat. New rear upholstery and engine cover were completed in April 2014. Artwork for the new name is currently being done.

2014-04-28 08:55
Black Beauty Black Beauty

The Black Beauty was built by Brian Jerdin of Pioneer Automotive Machine in Paso Robles. It is a 1983 TR4 hull, and has run a best ET of 8.02 @ 130mph.

2014-04-18 17:36
SS-36 Super Charger SS-36 Super Charger

SS National Champ, Long Beach Marine Stadium, August 10, 1969.

2013-11-22 09:15
Marty Harper's 1980 Schiada 20' Marty Harper's 1980 Schiada 20'

Former ski race boat, now a family ski boat.

2013-11-01 16:53
Jack Landers Spitfire K Jack Landers Spitfire K

Engine by Tony Constantinople and paint by Billy-B.

2013-11-01 16:48