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Glen-L Thunderbolt 17'

The THUNDERBOLT, a rapid rig intended for one purpose, "GO". And brother with the right power plant it will do just that in capital letters. You can use her for dragging, ski towing, or just plain old getting out and going FAST.
The appearance of the THUNDERBOLT is impressive. THe transom in itself is very unusual, but of course the details in the plans provide for a vertical member if preferred. All of the details are provided for building with step-by-step photos of the actual construction of the original prototype. The motor is mounted at the stern of the baot and must be connected to a vee drive to maintain the proper hull balance. The motor in this type of boat is usually left exposed and a goodly amount of chrome plate and paint used to enhance its appearance.
COMPLETE PLANS pluss FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the stem, breasthook, and half-section patters for the frames and transom. Includes instructions, Bill of Materials, and Fastening Schedule.

Length overall: 17'3"
Beam: 6'11"
Hull Depth: 25"
Hull Weight (approx.): 650lbs.
Average Passengers: 2
Hull type: Vee bottom with flaring sides that act as anti-trip chines. Developed for sheet plywood planking.
Power: Inboard stern mounted motor driving through a vee drive. Automotive conversions acceptable.
Trailer: Designed for use with GLEN-L SERIES 2100 boat trailer plains.