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Riviera 18' Flatbottom Racer

From the marketing material:

Designed by Rusty Biesemeyer

Competition Boating's most famous designer, Rusty Biesemeyer, has put together another champion, Riviera's 18' flat bottom racer, a rooster-tailing, fire breathing, all-out thoroughbred. It's the ultimate in sport boats - low, sleek, and fast! Run it as a K-boat fueler, or a red-hot river ski racer. Anyway you go, it's a monster machine!

Standard Features
Side panels
Balsa wood bottom
Full length stringers
Custom hardware
Custom Gelcoat and capping

Note: All race boats are built on an individual basis, custom tailored to your specifications. Your Riviera dealer will be happy to provide you with additional details.

Center line length: 18'
Beam: 75"