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Model Namesort icon Description Last Updated
Southwind 18' Mini Cruiser 2012-01-25 11:18
Southwind 19' Tunnel Dragster 2012-01-25 11:19
Southwind 20' Cruiser 2012-01-25 11:16
Spitfire (Unknown)

Placeholder for an unknown model of Spitfire boat.

2013-11-01 16:43
Starfire (Unknown)

Placeholder for an unknown model of Starfire hull.

2013-09-14 22:23
1970 Stevens Catalog page 9 Stevens 17' SK Silhouette

From the marketing materials:

The most versatile boat of the Stevens line, this advanced in design beauty is perfect for skiing, racing, drag racing, SK-SS, ski racing or plain all around family fun. It is the king of the ski boats.
The 17' SK-Silhouette is available with custom styled wood decks or glass decks. It is constructed of one piece molded construction eliminating the need for metal trim or hand tape jobs at the deck sheer line, this is definitely a superior and stronger method of construction.

2013-09-16 13:17
Stevens 18' Silhouette Stevens 18' Silhouette

The 18' Silhouette was the only 3 piece mold that Mac Stevens used. It was also the last plug he built and produced. As a 3 piece mold, there is no cap line, the deck sits on top.

From the advertising materials:

Stevens is the originator of the Silhouette style and the dramatic beauty and craftsmanship that belong to an original are ideally displayed in this low, long and beautiful eighteen-footer.

2013-09-16 13:06
Stevens 18 Hydro Ski Dragster Stevens Hydro-Dragster

Stevens shovelnose hydro model

2014-05-13 18:30
Stevens Mini Hydro advertisement September 1967 (1) Stevens Mini Hydro

The Stevens Mini-Hydro was a outboard powered mini hydroplane that sat 2 people in tandem. Powered by a 35 HP motor approximate speed was 45 MPH.

LOA 10 ft, 4 in
Beam 53 in
Hull Weight 250 lbs

2014-05-13 09:37
Stoller Flatbottom

No info.

2014-05-13 13:31
Taylor 20' Stilletto Tunnel Jet Taylor 20' Stilletto Tunnel Jet

No information available.

2014-06-11 10:01
Taylor 21' Bikini Taylor 21' Bikini

The Taylor 21' Bikini was originally a splash from the Campbell. The bottom was modified to have more angle to the V. It is a large, heavy, well-built boat. It was available in V-drive, jet drive and stern drive configurations.

2014-06-11 16:08
Wickens 18' Whirlwind Wickens 18' Whirlwind

Produced by Aquacraft and designed by Fred Wickens, meant for circle racing, speed ski racing and drag racing.

2014-05-01 16:24
Willis Jet Hydro Willis Jet Hydro

The new Willis Jet-Hydro is patterned after Dean Willis' famous ROYAL FLUSH, a screaming, bright red machine which he sent skimming across the water at Long Beach, California Marine Stadium at 134.52 MPH, 8.71 seconds ET. The performance improved on the old record for full-blown jet-drive boats by nearly 15 MPH!

Design elements are identical to ROYAL FLUSH, making the Willis Jet-Hydro one of the most famous jet ski boats on the market. Retained is the famous "pickle fork" nose with twin sponsons which at high speed do not actually touch the water but merely provide stability.

2012-01-24 20:31
XK-1320 Drag Runner Flatbottom XK-1320 Drag Runner Flatbottom 2012-02-28 14:41