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Model Name Description Last Updated
Sanger Hydro advertisement November 1961 Sanger Shovelnose Hydro

First known example of this model is from 1961. Supposedly, 7 prototype hydros where built, based partly on the molds from White Mist.

Production of the shovelnoses ended in 1973, but overlapped with production of the picklefork hydros for several months. The first pickleforks were built from a modified shovelnose mold, 1974 is when the next generation of hulls started.

2014-05-14 17:37
Stevens 18 Hydro Ski Dragster Stevens Hydro-Dragster

Stevens shovelnose hydro model

2014-05-13 18:30
Rush 20'10" Mini Day Cruiser

(4) 20ft. 10' mini day cruisers 2 were I/O 2 were V-drives

2014-05-13 15:13
Rush 20'10" GN

A total of 12 were built, all with V-drives, for GN racing.

2014-05-13 15:10
Stoller Flatbottom

No info.

2014-05-13 13:31
Stevens Mini Hydro advertisement September 1967 (1) Stevens Mini Hydro

The Stevens Mini-Hydro was a outboard powered mini hydroplane that sat 2 people in tandem. Powered by a 35 HP motor approximate speed was 45 MPH.

LOA 10 ft, 4 in
Beam 53 in
Hull Weight 250 lbs

2014-05-13 09:37
Kurtis 500 Flatbottom

Built for drag racing, this is a runner bottom type hull.

2014-05-13 08:21
Sanger Family Ski Boat advertisement June 1974 19' Family Ski Boat 2014-05-12 19:36
Sanger 18'3" Circle Boat Sanger 18'3" Circle Boat

Designed for Hi-Performance lake and circle race use. Originally designed for A.P.B.A. circle racing, this model has become very popular for lake use due to excellent turning and ride characteristics.

Length: 18'3"
Beam: 78"
Freeboard: 16"
Deck Length: 109"
Cockpit Dimensions: 54" x 98"

2014-05-12 18:00
Halroy Flatbottom Halroy Flatbottom

The Halroy flatbottom was similar to a Mandella hull, but had a distinctive bubble over the steering wheel. They were made as family ski boats and endurance racers.

2014-05-12 08:59
Frahs 17 Frahs 17

The Frahs 17 was an SK type hull and came from the factory with an 11.5:1 Chevy 454, capable of over 80mph in stock trim. It was reviewed by Powerboat magazine, who approved it for "performance oriented families".

This may or may not be the same as the Stevens 17'; Terry Frahs purchased the Stevens mold when Stevens went to 18' boats.

2014-05-12 08:46
Canyon 21' Day Cruiser

Canyon was the last owner of the DiMarco day cruiser mold. This is the same boat as the 21' DiMarco and 21' Kurtis day cruiser.

2014-05-11 07:21
Kurtis 21' Day Cruiser

This mold was purchased from DiMarco. This boat is the same as the 21' DiMarco Day Cruiser.

2014-05-11 07:19
DiMarco 21' Day Cruiser

The DiMarco hull was a splash of a 20' Spectra, but Sonny did a few minor changes to the deck. At the rear it is rolled rather than stepped like the Spectra and all around the gunnel at the deck there is a nice rolled recess, really looks good. In 1976 the Spectra that was used for the splash was still in Sonny's yard. Really nice boats and well built. I can't compare to Raysoncraft as I have never been in one or owned one. Probably doesn't ride as well as a Schiada as it has less deadrise.

This mold was later sold to Kurtis Boats and then to Canyon.

2014-05-11 07:18
Raysoncraft 20' GN

Years of production and name of model are speculative.

Laid up in three weights, light, medium (1100#) and heavy.

2014-05-01 16:54
Aquacraft 19'

The plug was built by Harlan Orrin, and there was never a glass deck built for the hull, they were all wood deck boats. Most of them were endurance race boats.

2014-05-01 16:48
Aquacraft 18' Shark

Produced for circle racing and speed ski racing, the Shark was the first flat with strakes on the bottom. It is the prototype for all the later B-boats. Story goes that Julian Pettengill and Ron Ehde started out with a Aqua Craft Shark (with dropped chines and strakes). Made whatever changes they made, and the current Biesemeyer mold was built. Rusty Biesemeyer designed the deck and the rest is history.

2014-05-01 16:27
Wickens 18' Whirlwind Wickens 18' Whirlwind

Produced by Aquacraft and designed by Fred Wickens, meant for circle racing, speed ski racing and drag racing.

2014-05-01 16:24
Aquacraft 18' V-Bottom

An 18' V-bottom hull, rigged in both V-drives and jets.

2014-05-01 16:20
Aquacraft 18' Flatbottom

A true flat, the Aquacraft 18' was designed for endurance and speed ski racing.

2014-05-01 16:17