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Eddie Hill

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2011-05-16 12:42
John Mullins

"Ugly" John Mullins, Bad Medicine BFF

2010-12-06 10:17
Bill Hartman

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Buried: Grace Alliance Church Cemetery, Lexington, North Carolina

Full Name: William Henry Hartman, Jr.

Location: Brazos River, near Waco, Texas

Event: Southern Drag Boat Association Texas Shootout

Accident Date: July 6, 1986

Boat: 2,500 horsepower 14-foot drag boat

He crashed while driving the Ofixco Special at more than 100 MPH. He was vice-president of the Southern Drag Boat Association.

2014-12-04 09:55
Tim McCutcheon

From Templeton, CA.

2012-01-25 13:58
Neil Kleine

Drove the Country Cookin comp jet. Previously drove " Squirtin' fer Certain " Pioneer jet in NJBA brackets, as well as other Pioneer boats.
Graduated to blown Jet (?) class on a boat owned by Howard & Son from the Sacramento area. Name of boat uncertain, but was close to "Yellow Meenie" (?). Record setting / Holding boat. Developed "D" ring safety straps from vest to driver helmet to arrest movement during crashes, thereby lessening neck injuries.

2015-11-10 18:32
Morris " Mo' " Churchman

Owner / Driver of the Eliminator tunnel boat "Ain't no Mo' ". Ran NJBA brackets in Parker Arizona in the late '70's & up."

2015-11-10 18:23
Greg Stark

Owner / Driver / Builder 19' Pioneer jet " Squirtin' fer Certain " NJBA bracket jet.

2015-11-10 11:32
Tom & Rhonda Manier

Long-time boaters from Atascadero Calif. They own & operate Jet Boat Performance in Atascadero. Tom has built many jet & v-drive boats, often bringing back project boats from the dead. Tom & son Josh have been jet-drive innovators for years, designing various upgrades for most all brands including Aggressor. Tom probably holds a record for having the same engine ( blown BBC ) in many different hulls. Their customer base is at least nationwide, if not world-wide.

2015-11-10 11:27
Tom Bond

Involved with Bill " Billy the Kid " Davis. Owns Menkens V-Drives formerly of Sacramento, now around the Lake Shasta area.

2015-11-10 11:14
Bob Foley

Bob was an avid photographer of hot boats and provided many photos on this site. He died after a battle with parkinson's in 2014.

2015-04-21 15:26
Cliff Langley

Also drove the Lookout in perris ca, in the 60's

2015-02-15 19:03
Bill Harrison

he/mi Engineering
Manufactured V-Drives (including twin propeller in early 1970's), steering assemblies, cavitation plate control assemblies.

2015-01-17 21:49
Duane Stankiewicz 2015-01-17 21:44
Lou Osman

Raced top fuel hydro in mid 1980's. Crashed the Speed Sports boat during it's second race in the lights at London, Ontario. Continued racing afterwards.

2014-12-04 10:03
Jerry Davis

Purchased the 023 Alkahauler boat from Danny Gaulach, would race it as War Party.

2014-12-04 09:51
Danny Gaulach

Drove the 023 Alkahauler

2014-12-04 09:50
Joe "Hollywood" Zubler

Drove the Miller High Life Express BAH

2014-12-04 09:45
Bob Graeff

From Carson, CA. Owned?/tuned the GN-7 Raysoncraft and was very involved in GN racing.

Bob was well known for having a crusty exterior and a heart of gold. He was a wealth of knowledge about racing and engines.

2014-12-01 11:09
Chuck Boyd

Chuck Boyd was a legend in K-boat racing. He owned and ran the long-lived Hobbit line of K-boats, starting in 1968 or 1969, going through 1998. He was a cornerstone of K racing and one of a few who got the class reintroduced sometime in 1968. He passed away at age 91 in September 2014.

Chuck's K boats

1st Hallet
2nd Eliminator
3rd Hondo
4th A lot of Sangers (he was Sponsored by Sanger and possibly the only circle team that was)
B boats- Daytona's and D'Cucci's
A Double Eagle, driven by George McDougle.

He Lived in Los Angeles circa 1972.

2014-09-13 08:23
Tom Stolarz

Drove the K-14 Hobbit boat.

2014-09-12 14:40