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Name History Last Updated
John Sceidenberger

Owned and drove SK-15 Flying Dutchman. Lived in Garden Grove, California.

2014-06-19 16:10
Michael Ebr

Owned and drove SK-333 Water Bird. Lived in Walnut Creek, California.

2014-06-19 16:08
Leonard Holliman

Owned and drove SK-702 Good Times. Lived in Provo, Utah.

2014-06-19 16:06
Win Phillips

Owned and drove SK-97 Jumpin Jack Flash. Lived in Banner, Wyoming.

2014-06-19 15:26
Roger Glover

Owned SK-20 Jonathon. Lived in Sparks, Nevada.

2014-06-19 15:23
Dick Powell

Drove SK-101 Revolution. Lived in San Jose, California.

2014-06-19 15:22
Robert Carroll

Owned SK-101 Revolution. Lived in San Jose, California.

2014-06-19 15:19
Rich Quaas

Owned and drove SK-66 Firepower. Lived in Glendora, California.

2014-06-19 15:16
Charles Latham

Owned and drove SK-59 Spontaneous. Lived in Sandy, Utah.

2014-06-19 15:01
Bob Long

Drove the K-90 Dark Side of the Moon as well as the SK-21 Bad Jose. Lived in Huntington Beach, California.

2014-06-19 15:00
Rich Howell

Owned SK-21 Bad Jose. Lived in Garden Grove, California.

2014-06-19 14:59
Gene Racine

Founder and owner of SKV boats. Was a good friends with Nick Barron (Barron Boat Works).

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2014-06-17 13:57
Rene Racine

Son of Gene Racine, founder/owner of SKV boats.

2014-06-17 13:52
Dennis Pollaccia

Drove for 3 factory blown fuel hydro teams during his career.
1. Howard boats entry " Out-a-Sight
2. Hondos " After Shock "
3. Sangers " Climax "

Always a crowd pleaser. Especially when they fired and drove to the rope. Always wore the helmet with the two round air filters on the front. Badd Ass.

Raced in the NDBA's 1973 Drag Boat Grand Prix at Long Beach Marine Stadium on September 29th and 30th. Drove Out A Sight in the Blown Fuel Hydro class.

2014-06-14 22:18
Ron Jones 2014-06-14 19:59
Don Aronow

Founded Donzi boats in Miami in 1964.

2014-06-12 17:05
Bill Duke 2014-06-07 09:21
Frank Dade

The Mist, Blown Fuel Flatbottom, Smoke on the Water Top Fuel Hydro

2011-12-14 00:22
Ray Brown

Ran R.B. Boats, now deceased.

Ray Brown worked for Julian back in the day of the Biesemeyer domination. He later aquired the lil Biesemeyer mold from Norm Brown (no relation) and called them Bezer's.

2014-06-05 17:04
Ron Bolton

Owned/worked for Kelron boats, and produced the Spitfire hull.

2014-06-05 16:26