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505f The Californian Boat

Usually driven by Ed Hyder, possibly driven by Dwight Bale.

2 years 12 weeks ago
Biesemeyer 18' Flatbottom (Ski Deck) Model

Rusty Biesemeyer, Julian Pettengil and Ron Ehde took a hull(maybe a Aqua Craft Shark) modified it, built a mold and the current (wide) Biesemeyer that has dominated flatbottom racing for about 40+ years was born. The upper deck was designed by Rusty. Julian built the wide boat with at least 3 different decks. The Standard race deck(which we see most of) a long deck and the Ski Deck.

2 years 29 weeks ago
SKV Manufacturer

Run by Gene Racine and later sold to Hallett.

2 years 34 weeks ago
Hydro/flite 19' Family Ski Hydro Model

Used for drag racing and skiing.

2 years 47 weeks ago
Eddie Hill Person

Taken from:

2 years 51 weeks ago
John Mullins Person

"Ugly" John Mullins, Bad Medicine BFF

2 years 51 weeks ago
Bill Hartman Person

Taken from

Buried: Grace Alliance Church Cemetery, Lexington, North Carolina

Full Name: William Henry Hartman, Jr.

Location: Brazos River, near Waco, Texas

Event: Southern Drag Boat Association Texas Shootout

Accident Date: July 6, 1986

Boat: 2,500 horsepower 14-foot drag boat

He crashed while driving the Ofixco Special at more than 100 MPH. He was vice-president of the Southern Drag Boat Association.

2 years 51 weeks ago
172 Ofixco Special Boat 2 years 51 weeks ago
Fresno Boats Manufacturer 3 years 1 day ago
006 Hot Damn Hondo Boat

Driven by Mike Brendel in the Ski Comp class at the NDBA's 1973 Drag Boat Grand Prix at Long Beach Marine Stadium on September 29th and 30th. It was a Hondo hull with a 426 Landy engine.

3 years 3 weeks ago
Tim McCutcheon Person

From Templeton, CA.

3 years 13 weeks ago
Neil Kleine Person

Drove the Country Cookin comp jet. Previously drove " Squirtin' fer Certain " Pioneer jet in NJBA brackets, as well as other Pioneer boats.
Graduated to blown Jet (?) class on a boat owned by Howard & Son from the Sacramento area. Name of boat uncertain, but was close to "Yellow Meenie" (?). Record setting / Holding boat. Developed "D" ring safety straps from vest to driver helmet to arrest movement during crashes, thereby lessening neck injuries.

3 years 14 weeks ago
Morris " Mo' " Churchman Person

Owner / Driver of the Eliminator tunnel boat "Ain't no Mo' ". Ran NJBA brackets in Parker Arizona in the late '70's & up."

3 years 14 weeks ago
Squirtin' fer Certain Boat

1977 Pioneer 19' jet. Gale Banks design 454 BBC. Lightweight layup, full stringer hull, w/ Kevlar cap. NJBA #365.

3 years 14 weeks ago
Greg Stark Person

Owner / Driver / Builder 19' Pioneer jet " Squirtin' fer Certain " NJBA bracket jet.

3 years 14 weeks ago
Tom & Rhonda Manier Person

Long-time boaters from Atascadero Calif. They own & operate Jet Boat Performance in Atascadero. Tom has built many jet & v-drive boats, often bringing back project boats from the dead. Tom & son Josh have been jet-drive innovators for years, designing various upgrades for most all brands including Aggressor. Tom probably holds a record for having the same engine ( blown BBC ) in many different hulls. Their customer base is at least nationwide, if not world-wide.

3 years 14 weeks ago
Tom Bond Person

Involved with Bill " Billy the Kid " Davis. Owns Menkens V-Drives formerly of Sacramento, now around the Lake Shasta area.

3 years 14 weeks ago
K-69 Freedom Boat

No details known, please add if you recognize this boat!

3 years 15 weeks ago
SK-702 Good Times Boat

Raced in the SK class with a Chevy engine. It was included in the program for a 1975 race at Long Beach Marine Stadium.

3 years 15 weeks ago
19' Family Ski Boat Model 3 years 23 weeks ago