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Miller High Life Express Boat

Blown Alcohol Hydro, class may be wrong.

4 years 2 weeks ago
Joe "Hollywood" Zubler Person

Drove the Miller High Life Express BAH

4 years 2 weeks ago
Bob Graeff Person

From Carson, CA. Owned?/tuned the GN-7 Raysoncraft and was very involved in GN racing.

Bob was well known for having a crusty exterior and a heart of gold. He was a wealth of knowledge about racing and engines.

4 years 2 weeks ago
Mosquito Bites Boat

This boat was purchased by Jon and Charlie Sibbach in April 2014, from Shawn ? in Paso Robles, who kept the engine out of the boat.

It is currently getting some work done to clean it up and repair some cosmetic defects. A new mild BBC and OTs are planned. It will be a dedicated ski boat. It has a 10 degree split case Casale v-drive with 12% gears, a steel prop, rudder and strut, and a single down pedal setup. It has Teleflex steering rather than cables. It originally had fiberglass tanks but they have been removed in favor of stainless.

4 years 5 weeks ago
The Mortician Boat

Unblown gas flat, one of the few successful twin-engine boats of the 60s. Stevens hull.

4 years 5 weeks ago
Eagle Flatbottoms Manufacturer

This has been excerpted from this forum:

4 years 13 weeks ago
Chuck Boyd Person

Chuck Boyd was a legend in K-boat racing. He owned and ran the long-lived Hobbit line of K-boats, starting in 1968 or 1969, going through 1998. He was a cornerstone of K racing and one of a few who got the class reintroduced sometime in 1968. He passed away at age 91 in September 2014.

Chuck's K boats

1st Hallet
2nd Eliminator
3rd Hondo
4th A lot of Sangers (he was Sponsored by Sanger and possibly the only circle team that was)
B boats- Daytona's and D'Cucci's
A Double Eagle, driven by George McDougle.

He Lived in Los Angeles circa 1972.

4 years 13 weeks ago
Tom Stolarz Person

Drove the K-14 Hobbit boat.

4 years 14 weeks ago
White Mist IV Boat

On its first run, the rudder failed and the boat with driver Larry Schwabenland went for a wild ride. Larry swam to shore, 3 members of his crew accompanied him back to the pits. Larry drove the next boat through, a flat bottom. I (HARLAN ORRIN) was on shore watching.

The boat eventually ran over 123 mph.

The boat had an experimental dual prop setup. It was eventually destroyed, possibly at Long Beach Marine Stadium.

4 years 16 weeks ago
Belmont 17' Fiberglass Flatbottom Model 4 years 23 weeks ago
Belmont 19' Fiberglass Flatbottom Model 4 years 23 weeks ago
Smitty Weeks Person

Owner of Belmont Boats, Fresno, CA

4 years 23 weeks ago
Damn-If-I-No (#1) Boat

This Hallett wood decker was purchased by Lynn "Pie" Youngs in 1964 and in the water in early 1965. The deck was built by Harlin Orrin. It was powered by a 354" early Hemi, bored .20 over, with a set of "Bill Morse -Dry Stacks" for the exhaust. The interior was done by Jack McNiel of Interiors By Jack.

4 years 23 weeks ago
Jack McNiel Person

Owned and ran Interiors By Jack, which did upholstery for a lot of classic hot boats in the 60s (and more?).

4 years 23 weeks ago
Interiors by Jack Manufacturer

Interiors by Jack did a large number of tuck and roll upholstery jobs for classic inboard boats. They were located at 13516 Lakewood Blvd, Bellflower, CA in October 1965.

4 years 23 weeks ago
Glenwood Manufacturer

Glenwood was primarily a marine equipment supplier, but built both boat kits and pre-constructed hulls, starting at least in the early 50s. They are one of the few remaining suppliers for classic hardware, such as exhaust manifolds, engine plates, and struts. Their catalog is online at

4 years 24 weeks ago
Herb's Welding 19' Legend Model

About 7 or 8 hulls were built in 1989. It is a welded aluminum hull. The mold/jig was actually a wooden kit boat hull that was intended for a 60 H.P. outboard. It hung from the ceiling in the shop for at least 15 years. It was eventually sold and my understanding is that the buyer actually completed it.

Most of the hulls were raced. There are a few of them still around, but most are now beat up. It is a very good design, fast, light, and strong. They were very good, very efficient for a V-bottom design.

4 years 24 weeks ago
13 Damn-If-I-No (#2) Boat

The #13 was a yellow 18' Hallett. Enduro (heavy) lay-up with two 25 gal. fuel tanks, ten degree prop/strut, Casale
V-drive (22% gears), and powered by a Paul Grichar "finessed" 396 Chevrolet. Lynn Youngs owned the boat and hardware and the late Arthur (Bernie) Buck owned the engine. They ran seven Enduros in 1966 and the Catalina Ski Race as well.

4 years 25 weeks ago
Chicken Pie (#1) Boat

This boat replaced Lynn Youngs' destroyed #13 Damn-If-I-No. It was a "lite lay-up" ski race hull, and used for ski race competitions, winning many. Both boats were transportation yellow with a black side target. It was sold (without the name) in 1974 to a couple from So-Cal and
may still exist.

4 years 25 weeks ago
Hartly White Person

Drove the #72 The Mistress Nordskog. He was killed during an accident in September 1967 on Mission Bay in San Diego.

4 years 25 weeks ago