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Cole Manufacturer

Cole Boats is most famous for their TR series of runnerbottom flats, including the near legendary TR-2.

6 years 39 weeks ago
Dave Nolte Person

Drove his own alcohol hydro called " Ass Bite ".

Later drove the fuel hydro for Paul Allen called "Liberty". Dave lost his life doing what he loved @ Chowchilla in 1986 (?).

6 years 39 weeks ago
Kyle Walker Person

Spirit of Texas

6 years 39 weeks ago
Frank Nagore Person

Blue Thunder

6 years 39 weeks ago
Dave Brumpton Person

Night Train BFH...Northwest legend who is still alive.

6 years 39 weeks ago
Howard Brown Person

BFF How Bout That

6 years 39 weeks ago
Larry Schwabenland Person

Sanger Factory Pilot, BFF Jokers Wild, BFH Climax

6 years 39 weeks ago
Chuck Noriega Person

Blown Gas Flat, Quickdraw

Chuck currently owns a tire shop in Monrovia.

6 years 39 weeks ago
Chuck Ellis Person

Chuck Ellis, 1960 to 1965, Blevens flatbottom named "Panic" blown Chrysler 110 to 120 MPH bracket

6 years 39 weeks ago
Greg Shoemaker Person 6 years 39 weeks ago
Mandella Manufacturer

Mandella history here!

6 years 39 weeks ago
Harold Kindsvater Person

Harold Kindsvater built boats out of Fresno, Ca. Kindsvater built hydros, flatbottoms, and daycruisers. The world record for TFF was held for a while in a boat called the Beast.

6 years 39 weeks ago
Cougar Daytona 19' Model

I've owned a couple of the Cougar V-Drive tunnels. I believe I bought the original black and orange gel coat racer in 1982 and ran that with Fraser Valley Drag Boat Association for many years. It was a 1979 hull I think. The center pod was deeper and above 105 mph or so it would start to chine. I was getting close to getting hurt a few times so in 1988 or so I ordered a new one, the primarily orange one #6 in the photos. The center pod was the same depth as the two outer pods.

7 years 10 weeks ago
Carlson Manufacturer

They only made these for a for 4 or 5 years. Only made 2 to 6 any year they made them. 1964 -1966 it was called the Carlson inboard. 1967 it was changed a bit and they called it the Cyclone. Does your have a Carlson Marine plate in it? If you were to talk to Art Carlson he would say you have a copy because he said most of his are on the bottom of a lake someplace. Several in Havasu. Seems a lot were copied from his hulls. So it might not be a real Carlson. I have a lot of info on them. If you want to know what I have learned PM me and I will give you my phone number.

7 years 10 weeks ago
Kurtis 500 Hydro Model

The Kurtis 500 Hydro hull.

7 years 10 weeks ago
Golden Komotion Boat

Originally called "So Long", this all-wood top fuel hydro has displayed at the Oakland Roadster Show in 1967. It was later purchased and renamed "Golden Komotion" by Don Edwards. Recently, it has been displayed at the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield.

7 years 10 weeks ago
Hallet Hydro Model

Generic Hallet Hydro.

7 years 10 weeks ago
Don Edwards Person 7 years 10 weeks ago
Rob Barber Person

Robin "Rob" Barber

7 years 10 weeks ago
Bullet Fiberglass Manufacturer

Taken from

Some may wonder where we came up with the name Bullet Fiberglass. Bullet was my best friend. We did everything together. That miniature schnauzer ate more human food than some humans do and I spoke more dog to him than most dogs did. We got along great. With Bullet at my side and my son Brien on the other we set out to take on the world and chase our dreams with Bullet Fiberglass.

7 years 10 weeks ago