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River Racer (IHBA) Class

River Racers dial-in their own times, and are allowed to change their dial-in times each round. The slower of the two boats leaves the start line first; the quicker boat leaves second. The object is to run close to your dial-in without going under your dial-in. Running un­der your dial-in would be called a break-out. If both boats break-out, itʼs called a double break-out, and the boat breaking out the least amount wins.

8 years 19 weeks ago
Stock Eliminator (IHBA) Class

Stock Eliminators need to run 11.00 seconds to make to happen. Donʼt let the name “stock” fool you, though. Most in-board Stock Eliminators make around five to six hundred horsepower. Thatʼs five times faster than most performance cars today!

8 years 19 weeks ago
Top Eliminator (IHBA) Class

Top Eliminators run a 9.00 second index. Specially designed light­weight drag boats, itʼs not uncommon to see a bear hull weigh under three hundred pounds. These things are like putting a big engine in an eggshell. Like Pro Eliminators, many Top Eliminators also partic­ipate, making five rounds of competition for Sundayʼs Eliminations.

8 years 19 weeks ago
Pro Eliminator (IHBA) Class

Pro Eliminator is the 8.00 second class. There has to be a line some­where and the eight second class is it, although a few Pro Comp Eliminators can run a little under 8 seconds. The Pro Eliminator runs the quickest a boat can run in the IHBA without a driverʼs safety Capsule. Large numbers of boats can show up for Pro Eliminator, sometimes creating five rounds of competition during Sundayʼs Eliminations.

8 years 19 weeks ago
Pro Mod (IHBA) Class

The 7-second Pro Mod can be any hull design; outboards, jet drives, flat bottoms, or the most common hull in the class, a hydro, short for “hydroplane”. With or without super chargers on the engines, the name of the game is to run seven seconds to the thousandths of a second. Modern technology is everywhere you look in Pro Mods computerized fuel systems, throttle stops and engine timing. With crew chiefs in the pits monitoring air density, temperature, wind and just about everything else you can think of, Pro Mods are an absolute favorite to watch.

8 years 19 weeks ago
Top Alcohol Flat (IHBA) Class

Top Alcohol Flats are in a league of their own. They have the char­acteristics of a pavement funny car, but on water use the same power plant as the Top Alcohol Hydros. Top Alcohol Flats donʼt have the 3 point hydro to help guide them down the track. They rely on only a steering rudder and a ride plate, operated by the driver. The bottom of the boat is flat. Top Alcohol Flats run quarter mile ETs in the mid to upper sevens, with speeds at 160 to 170 mph.

8 years 19 weeks ago
SLDBA Organization

Saint Louis Drag Boat Association

8 years 19 weeks ago
ADBA Organization



January 20, 2001

The American Drag Boat Association (ADBA) and the St. Louis Drag Boat Association (SLDBA) held their annual joint general meeting and awards banquet January 20th in St. Louis, Missouri. At the meeting, it was announced that the International Hot Boat Association (IHBA) had acquired the assets of the American Drag Boat Association. The terms of the agreement, as presented by ADBA president Karl Petrik and IHBA president Charlie Fegan, are as follows:

1. IHBA purchased assets, trade name, and logo of the ADBA.

8 years 19 weeks ago
KCBC Organization 8 years 19 weeks ago
Tommy Thompson Person

Few Dollars More, Pro Mod

8 years 19 weeks ago
Tim Stokes Person

Widowmaker, TAH

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Wild Child, UFF, TAF

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Speed Sport, Top Fuel Hydro

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More Wheaties TAF

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Little Portigee UGF

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The Kansas Badman BFF

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Blurred Vision TAF

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California Shaker UFF

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Tasmanian Devil BFF

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Climax Blown Fuel Flat

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